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Get 30% Off our best software during our Cyber Monday Sale. One day only, valid until December 1, 2015 at 11:59 PM PT.

Get your hands on software you can’t live without. I use these four titles every day and now we have conveniently bundled them for you and are offering the bundle prices even lower. Here are the offers. Click on the links to add them to your cart directly.

SuperStamps 2,800 Stamps for Snagit $18.90 ($27)

Snagit/SuperStamps Bundle $48.95 ($69.90)

Snagit : $34.95 (SRP $49.95)

SuperCallouts $55.30 ($79)

Camtasia (PC)/SuperCallouts $244.25 ($348.95)

Camtasia Studio (PC) $209 ($299)

More information about each best seller

SuperStamps v4 – 2,800 Stamps for Snagit

The premium Snagit add-on. Adds 2,800 stamps that you can use directly in Snagit and most other office, productivity and video software. Use in the Snagit editor or drag-and drop into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.

Snagit – Capture images and videos, edit, add texts and images and share/collaborate.

Capture anything on your screen with the ultimate screen capture tool. With version 12, you can record screen videos, enhance your images, work efficiently, and share to even more destinations.

SuperCallouts v2 – Camtasia Premium Resource Collection

Over 1 GB of Camtasia-ready videos, graphics and music. Drag-and-drop ready Camtasia templates, for your creative projects, presentations and educational creations.

Camtasia Studio – Screen Recording and Video Editor

More than a simple screen recorder, Camtasia gives you the tools you need to truly customize and edit your videos. Record on-screen activity, add imported media, create interactive content, and share high-quality, HD videos that your viewers can watch anytime, on nearly any device.


audials one 2016Audials One has just gotten better! The best in recording, saving, streaming and supplying media is welcoming 2016 with greater features for your pleasure. You won’t want to miss the latest updates that will blow your mind away.  It’s taking a leap forward with its Generation 2016, which has better innovations for Windows 10.0.  So why would you want to switch over?

What’s New with Audials One 2016?

  • Music wishes: Comes with an improved artist directory, which lets you combine multiple wishlists
  • Music search: Users can now get samplers and chart faster than before, with its new single hit options and other adjustments
  • Video saving: Audials One has a brand new feature that automatically tags recordings of TV series and movies
  • Music saving: You can also record music services at top speed.
  • Radio: Audials One also improves with its new mass recording, new radio news, radio timer and more…
  • Universal-Converter: It now supports 85 file formats as well as recognizes 84 device profiles for smartphones, PC and gaming consoles, etc.
  • Entertainment and movies: Audials One 2016 has a new video library coming with plenty of additional functions for collecting and enjoying movies.
  • Powerful music functions, all for your listening pleasure


Apart from these improvements, Audials Generation 2016 has also invested into its appearance and design; in fact, users can now make use of multiple interface skins, according to their preference.

Additionally, the new generation has an even more powerful recoding component, ensuring it works with most audio and video services.

And with Audials Generation 2016, you can take advantage of charts to add to your wishlist with the auto update feature in the future. From 2016 Audials and onwards, you can experience the benefit of the recorder automatically equipped with the most updated coding for recording protected streams.

Aside from these amazing features, you can also enjoy the software and use it to up to three Windows computers with a purchased license key. All updates will also be free of charge with Audials One 2016 and onwards.

Other prominent improvements

  • Social news and radio tiles, allowing users to listen to radio with more stations with the tiles view and access social news through Twitter and Facebook in Audials
  • Radio blacklisting, letting users to delete any radio station permanently
  • Large loyalty discounts
  • Successful and further optimized recording
  • Double speed software
  • Advanced converting settings
  • Better organization of video library
  • Popular clouds are offered and recognized as sources automatically

Audials Generation 2016 lets you take control of the media universe with more powerful streaming, viewing, organizing and collecting media files at double speed!

Make the switch. If you already own Audials One, upgrade to Audials One 2016 and get the upgrade price here. New to Audials, buy Audials One 2016!

Supercharge e-learning courses, product demonstrations and project materials using the best ever presentation authoring tool—the iSpring Suite 7.0 that works compatibly with the Windows 7, Windows 8, XP and Vista and helps in developing or authoring e-learning content without you having to memorize any programming language or coding, as ALL HAVE BEEN DONE FOR YOU.

What are in the iSpring Suite 7.0 for you?

  • Perfectly integrated with the PowerPoint, it comes with a tab for accessing the PowerPoint environment and for giving you an access to advanced features you have been familiar with.
  • If you are a professor or anyone in the academe, you can make powerful, more effective presentations, including assessments, quizzes, video lectures and all types of compelling courses and materials for your students with the iSpring Suite 7.0.
  • This also lets you make interactive surveys and quizzes without any hassles in order to supplement your course or to make a standalone assessment tool.
  • It comes with 23 types of questions, including drag-and-drops, along with customizable slide look and advanced branching scenarios and has an extensive character library letting you tell your story better with a wide range of photos for personalizing your lessons and picking the right look for your content.
  • The iSpring Suite 7.0 supports mobile devices, with its ability of converting PPT projects into mobile versions, including an HTML5 format. When you create your PPT, it can become available in a wide range of devices, including Windows and Mac, desktops and laptops, android and Smartphones.
  • A responsive universal player, the iSpring Suite 7.0 lets learners view your project on any device with its adaptability, multi-device preview and responsive design; that’s not all because they can also see your content even without an internet connection with the iSpring Viewer (a free mobile application) that allows learners to see their assignments and courses anytime, anywhere!
  • One-click publication—on the net, on LMS (SCORM, Tin Can API…) and on Learn LMS of iSpring

Get the iSpring Suite 7.0 today!

The iSpring Pro 7.0 is now out on the market, and it’s serious about giving better user experience by letting users make online presentations easier and faster THAN EVER! It works for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP and lets them to create mobile-enable presentations using the familiar environment of PowerPoint.


What iSpring Pro 7.0 Offers?

  • An extra tab to the ribbon of PowerPoint for ensuring easy and fast authoring
  • Triggers and animations for supporting interactive content and animation effects for presentations; effects and fonts for ensuring formatting of text is intact even after conversion into internet-ready formats
  • Either right to left languages or multilingual text are supported
  • Can support multiple transition effects, including Flash, 3D and HTML5
  • Can allow embedding multimedia (audio and video) into the PPT file
  • PPT styles and SmartArt Objects supported and retained in the HTML5 or Flash copy of the project
  • Instant access to PowerPoint presentations on ALL DEVICES
  • Comes with the iSpring’s Universal Player for letting users navigate and view presentations on different screens and devices, using an HTML5 or Flash format
  • Customizable player for matching desired appeal and feel (with various templates, layouts and colors available)

What Industries Use iSpring Pro 7.0?

With its top performance and high reliability and with its latest technologies, while keeping user ease in mind, iSpring Pro 7.0 is used by professionals, businesses and academicians all around the world!  For marketers, the easy-to-use and powerful features are best for making promotional materials and product demonstrations on the internet, and for salespeople, they make use of it for stimulating their sales through vivid, high-quality presentations and for educating potential business partners and customers online.

What are you waiting for? Make sure your projects stand out, highlighting your best ever corporate brand and image to users and customers, by using the most professional tool out there for courses, demonstrations, training materials and so on—the iSpring Pro 7.0.

Get the iSpring Pro 7.0 today!