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UPDATE: BitDefender Total Security is now more affordable at $39 for five users! World-renowned and respected, BitDefender is the most acknowledged anti-virus and PC protection genius because it comes with accurate and super fast scanning technology. It offers silent security that stays awake while you’re sleep, protecting you from all types of electronic threats.

BitDefender Total Security Features

  • Date malware protection
  • Non-intrusive and ultra fast
  • Protects your online identity all the time
  • Safeguards your kids and restrict their access when needed
  • Safely keeps your data and syncs between your devices
  • Protects your devices when they’re loss or stolen

BitDefender Total Security is yet the most powerful protection tool your PC, mobile devices and internet could ever have! It comes with a real time security report that notifies you of important updates. It also has the patented Autopilot and BitDefender Safepay system. BitDefender Total Security also offers an improved cloud anti-spam.

Grab BitDefender Total Security 5-seater for only $39 today!

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UltraEdit v21 Released!

UltraEdit v21 is released! Professional writers, journalists, database managers and web developers are excited about the new UltraEdit v21, the best replacement for the usual Notepad because it comes with useful features.

In case you may want to know, UltraEdit is a flexible text editor with advanced functions, including search, find and replace function, large file and multiple file handling and spell checking ability, to name some.

What’s New With UltraEdit v21?

  • Quick Find

Change the way you search using the super accessible tool you’ll find on UltraEdit v21, working just how your favorite browser lets you search. To find the string you’re looking for, press CTRL+F. Another way is to use the Alt + Q for toggling focus in the Quick Find dialog and Edit Window.

  • Multi-Caret Editing

With UltraEdit v21, making several changes at once in the same file is possible. Adding, deleting and selecting text in various places is easy using the multi-caret editing, too.

Plus, you can add comments at the end of every line. Find it within the function block. You can also take out any unwanted lines using a keystroke.

If you mistakenly added a caret, you can remove it with Ctrl + Alt + Z.

  • Re-Imagined Multi-Pane FTP Browser

UltraEdit v21 comes with re-imaged FTP browser, with re-sizable split explorer panes, color-coded transfer status and drag-and-drop transfers.  You can also check your context menu in the remote or local panes using the UltraEdit v21.

  • Improved Theme Support

UltraEdit v21 includes adjustable scrollbars in order to match your active theme. It also comes with better themes in the input fields, FTP browser, window splitter and more…

  • FTP Transfers in the output window

It works to report the FTP transfer status for all the remote files opened using the file view, startup or favorite projects. Therefore, all the information in transfer is compiled using a concealable and accessible container.

Did you like what we featured here? Feel free to share in your comments and thoughts about the new UltraEdit v21. In case you may want to suggest cool features for the next versions, you may post them below as well.

Download UltraEdit v21 today!

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