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Because of your continued loyalty and support, Audials 11 and RadioTracker 11 are returning the favor.  This month, they’re offered at even better prices, so do not miss the chance to get your hands on them.


Audials One 11.0 thank you for the awards and recognitions it recently won: 1) Voted Best Windows Software (Softwareload) for Free Music for three straight years, 2) Best Software of the Year in Music and 3) Audials Moviebox for Best Windows Software for recording and converting video streams and Best Software of the Year in the Video Category.

Audials on Sale This Month: The software you love for locating, recording, downloading, converting and enjoying everywhere and using millions of tracks is now only $29.95.


RadioTracker 11.0 – the software that lets you enjoy any radio station, podcast and music anywhere and anytime is now made more affordable. There is no stopping you now from accessing more than 750,000 artists, 50,000 radio stations and 10,000,000 MP3s!

RadioTracker 11.0 goes with a price slash this month for only $13.90. Do no miss the chance of getting the world’s loved music tool at the best deals for a limited time.

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BluffTitler 11.0 Out Now!

3D creations are not only visually appealing but also very creative, allowing you to display that imaginative side of you when working with videos, photos and presentations. Now if you’re looking to explore deeper and to let your brain turn visions into reality, use the New BluffTitler 11.0!

It works to create professional 3D titles for presentation, projects and other creative works- for school, office or business.

Neither there is need to spend a fortune nor hire 3D animators. It does not also require you to use any expensive video titling software. Here’s BluffTitler DX9—the best tool out there for those spectacular and magical videos and photos that look exactly the way you envision them.

What’s New with BluffTitler DX9?

  1. Bitmap tracer – for turning a 2D logo into a 3D model
  2. Stroked text –for adding outside borders
  3. Stereo rendering –for rendering two viewports are rendered for each eye; the Pixel shaders are available in Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and red green anaglyph glasses
  4. New styles for pixel –in new styles such as  floating triangles, floating hexagons and bubbles
  5. Enhanced bitmap fonts –this version is compatible with bitmap fonts using Alphabix 2.0
  6. Drawing contours –Version 11 now has a sketch layer that is compatible with bitmaps
  7. And more…

Take Photo & Video 3D Titling to the Next Level

To create professional looking and effective titles for your presentations, do not use any other but BluffTitler Version 11. Your complete tool does not need any technical skills at all. All you need is your imagination and BluffTitler for great results.

Get BluffTitler 11.0 today!

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scasaSao Paolo, Brazil –SoftwareCasa extends reach to the Brazilian market (SoftwareCasa Brazil) for the South American users. He teams up with Marcos Aurélio Tadeu da Silva, an IT company operator in the country, where he would market and sell SC’s products –including Snagit, Camtasia Studio and BitDefender.

Part of the story, we’ve had an interview with Da Silva for his insights and plans for this new effort. Check out the unedited version below.

SoftwareCasa: Can you tell us a bit of your background in the software industry?

Marcos: Currently I own an IT company, on which I and my wife represent a Brazilian software house. We’re responsible for the technical support and sales inparts of the São Paulo state. We work with accounting software, but, in reality,my interest in Software stretches far beyond this category of Software. I am very interested in video, graphics apps and presentation software.

I have also a pretty successful gaming blog,, for around 5 years, and there I and 2 more co-workers write about games of all genres and platforms (mainly PC games, despite the blog’s name). I love to write about games and software, and have already reviewed a lot of them (including software).

Between 1996-2000, I worked on a company that built and sold components for the refrigeration and “frigorificos” industries. I worked there with Autocad, drawing parts that would so be built. I also drew plants, because we had an engineer which developed projects for new refrigeration rooms on “frigorificos” (meat processing plant /installations)

But, since I saw my first computer, since I put my hands on one, I’m fascinated by technology, software and all other issues involved, as information security, for example.

SoftwareCasa: What made you decided to represent SoftwareCasa in Brazil?

Marcos: Well, this is a story with very personal details. I met Peter when I purchased my first Camtasia Studio, some years ago. Since then, I purchased software from SoftwareCasa now and then, and I and Peter started a good friendship, many times talking not only about softwares, business, etc, but also about games and other things. Suddenly, Peter came with a proposal of collaboration. And I loved it! J=

I trusted (and I trust) a lot on SoftwareCasa, and the things happened very naturally. I have recommended the store to many friends, and to work with SoftwareCasa will also be a pleasure.

SoftwareCasa:  What is the current Brazilian market demand towards using e.g. Snagit, Camtasia and Bitdefender?

Marcos: Well, Brazil is a complicated market. Many times piracy ruins everything, including various business opportunities. One of the ways of to make things more easy in the selling software field is the critical consciousness, I think. To create ways to people understand what is a software, really. This can be, perhaps, one of the jobs I’ll have to do on SoftwareCasa Brazil.

Critical consciousness, also to generate sales. To make people understand that that powerful antivirus they are researching about (or even pirating) is not just a mere box+DVD set. There’s much, much more, there. The code is everything, and its value is what must be seen and valorized.

I think that in Brazil we have a great demand for security solutions, as Bitdefender, for example. Hackers and “online thieves” are always refining their methods, and almost always the free solutions are not enough. Snagit is a very good and powerful tool (I use it a lot), and I think people can become very interested on it.

I see Snagit as not only a mere screen capture tool. Once we get people understand it, its purpose, etc, and see what they can do with the software, we got it. The way, so, will start to open and we will be able to introduce Camtasia and other graphical solutions. Of course, Raxco tools and other graphic products can be marketed here. Just the start will require a lot of work (considering the “piracy factor”, yet), but, we’re here for that. J

SoftwareCasa: Can you tell us how you plan to promote SoftwareCasa?

Marcos: This is one of the things I have been discussing with SoftwareCasa at length. We’ll start a lot of activities focusing on list building. I have many other ideas up my sleeve, but those will remain secrets for now 😉 I am well aware that building the interest around these amazing products will take time.

SoftwareCasa: On a personal level, what’s your favorite software casa product? Why?

Marcos: Snagit. For sure. I love the way the software works. How it’s practical. How it’s powerful and user-friendly, at the same time. How we can capture screenshots in a very easy way, with a lot of extra features and with just a few clicks. I love Snagit profiles, the way they can make our work faster. The Snagit Editor is also wonderful. A software provided, let’s say, as an extra, with the Snagit’s purchase, and even so it’s a fantastic software. Many times I use it as a standalone graphical editor, due to its resources. And when we think on SoftwareCasa SuperStamps and SuperCallouts, which can be used both on Snagit and Camtasia, the things look much better. Snagit is my choice. 🙂

When Peter Gillberg, SoftwareCasa VP Marketing & Sales, was asked of his personal insights, here’s what he said:

We are delighted to work with Marcos Aurélio Tadeu Da Silva on the Brazilian market. Marcos shares our deep interest in amazing software such as Snagit, Camtasia Studio and many other creative titles. His background in the software and games related industries is a great fit for us and we love that he puts the clients first like we do.

About SoftwareCasa Brazilian Representative

Marcos A.T. Silva
Address: Rua Evaristo da Veiga, 304
City: Santos
State: SP
Country: Brazil
Tel: 0055-13-3252-3528

About SoftwareCasa

SoftwareCasa is a global software reseller. The company has been selling software for more than 12 years and are focused on Video, Graphics, Presentation software and security. Contact details:
Phone (US/Canada):415-335-4467
Phone (International):+34-609-558077
Fax (US/Canada): 415-520-4467
Fax (International): +34 951 232383