Snagit 12 for PC and Snagit 3.0 for Mac have been released to make your snagging and screen recording tasks easier. Because TechSmith’s main mission is to bring you innovative yet easy to use tools, they have come up with genius improvements in the latest releases.  If you want to communicate more effectively regardless of your technical skill level, you can do it with Snagit 12.

What’s new about this release?

NEW Video Trimming

Snagit 12 and Snagit 3.0 now introduced the video trimming function that allows you to trim your videos to make it come out the way you envisioned it to be.  You can trim and cut your screen recording by selecting the in-point and out-point. Then, you can just cut and you are done! The new feature allows you to remove any unwanted screen recording sections as well as any mistakes you want to correct.

NEW Capture Experience

You can choose the kind of capture you want after the first snag as well as resize your capture area. You can make sure that all the exact parts you want included will be part of the video or image.

NEW Snagit Editor Interface

Now you can start focusing on your content by using a different Snagit editor that will allow you to do most of your day’s tasks without any hassles.

Both the Mac and the PC Versions Are Now Made Closer

In every new Snagit release, TechSmith ensures that both platforms are converging slowly. Now, you can also use the same license for both your PC and Mac.

NEW Fine Tune Capture Area

With the latest versions, you can change and resize the capture screen or area before sending the image or screen recording to the editor.  With that, you can check the exact screen parts to include before snagging an image or recording a video.

>>SuperStamps v4<<

Part of the new releases’ celebration, the latest collection of SuperStamps is also out with more than 2,800 stamps to use directly in the Snagit Editor. This gigantic collection comes when you order the bundle version.

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