ArrowdownAre you looking for an internet recorder that won’t fail and frustrate you? Come and check out the newest Audials Moviebox 11, the software that allows you to load up your personal movie and video library with your most loved TV series, shows and blockbuster movies.

Appreciate your personal video collection even more by gathering all the new titles using this tool in your library now. This time you never have to miss any episodes of your favorite TV series or show because Audials Moviebox 11 lets you grab any content from the show/series website in a flash and then format any of them for your Smartphone or mobile gadget.

Audials Moviebox 11 New Features

  • Protected video streams recorder tool for capturing the latest movies on the net using videotheques, such as Netflix and Blinkbox
  • Ready to use video downloader that lets you save  any video clips you desire, including those from MSN, Yahoo or YouTube
  • Use only one product license for up to three devices

Get Audials Moviebox 11 for only $14.95 LIMITED TIME OFFER this July.

To continue, next stop we have Snagit Mac 3.0, our favorite Mac snagging tool from TechSmith. See what’s new below.

Snagit Mac 3.0 New Features

  • Video trimming added for cutting out portions of your video
  • NEW Capture Window for a single click access of this versions capturing tools
  • Easier  method of storing original captures using the improved save workflow
  • In-product training manual for better understanding of profiles and trimming options
  • NEW snagging tool that does not require you choosing a video or video as well as letting you change any selected section of the capture before finalizing it
  • All-important refresh of the Snagit Editor

Buy Snagit Mac 3.0 for $49.95 today!

This month’s newsletter won’t be completed without Xara Web Designer 10, so I am sure you want to hear the latest about our favorite graphic web designer. See what the buzzes about this software here are.

Xara Web Designers 10 New Features

  • Template-based solution for 100% web designing freedom
  • No technical skills needed whatsoever
  • Has two versions—the Xara Web Designer 10 Premium and the Xara Web Designer 10.  See them here.
  • New publishing method called “Xara Supersites”
  • Supports the Responsive web design for making varied layouts of a single website for optimization to adapt to devices, such as desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Improved drawing tools, designs gallery templates
  • Navigation bars now allows setting up links as well as  lets you store photos
  • Upgraded text styles for great options
  • Inline graphics now possible using the “paste” command
  • Enhanced website fonts for better “web safe” font selection; embedded font that allows search engines to find your text and that permits your visitors to copy the text just as how they normally do
  • Industry-compatible tool that works well for Chrome, Safari, IE6+, CSS, and XHTML, among others
  • And the list continues… (SEE FULL FEATURE DETAILS)

Get Xara Web Designer for only $48.95 today!