Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP and in the English language, the iSpring Presenter 7.0, a tool for creating easy e-learning authoring, is finally here! It is beautiful software used in making professional and mobile-friendly presentations and by schools, businesses and individuals worldwide.

What Are the Features of iSpring Presenter 7?

  • Integrated with PowerPoint: This new version comes with a tab for PPT ribbon allowing you to access a fully functional feature set for e-learning and for building lovely assessment or course.  Now creating a powerful content for enhancing your presentations, quizzes and scenarios that can also be published in mobile-ready formats to become available for a wide range of users on different devices is now possible!
  • Interactive survey and quizzes: With it, you can make these and then integrate them with your course, as well as publish such as a standalone test. Some to create are drag and drop types of questions, customizable slide design and audio and video questions and so many more….
  • Videos using slides: If you want to create more engaging contents and definitely adding life to video explanations, then use the iSpring Presenter 7. This tool also allows you recording or importing a presenter video, producing effective video lectures, and syncing presentations with animations and slides and lets you enhance courses using voiceovers, Flash movies and YouTube videos.
  • Up for various purposes: It lets you burn your courses into a CD or DVD, publish as a SCORM package, upload directly on the Learn LMS of iSpring OR post to a blog or a web page.
  • Courses or presentations ready for all devices: iSpring lets publishing your materials through Flash+HTML5 format.
  • Player adaptable across screens! You can also fine tune the player’s layout for a customized appeal.

Reasons to select iSpring Presenter 7.0

Fast, user-friendly and reliable, iSpring Presenter 7.0 is unbeatable for the great user experience it offers to anyone targeting to make cool and professional-looking presentations and courses.

Thousands of clients use iSpring Presenter 7.0 for its ability of blending with their chosen learning environment making it a preferred tool for authoring e-learning courses. People in the corporate, education and other industries use it for a more appealing, comprehensive and professional courses for workers, students and business partners, among others.

Today, anyone can make great presentations, courses, modules and other learning tools and reports using the powerful features of iSpring Presenter 7.0. But that’s not all; iSpring also has the Viewer function for making your quizzes available across mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.  Learners can also download the learning materials, and then watch them even without the Internet.

Get the iSpring Presenter 7.0 today!