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BluffTitler 11.0 Out Now!

3D creations are not only visually appealing but also very creative, allowing you to display that imaginative side of you when working with videos, photos and presentations. Now if you’re looking to explore deeper and to let your brain turn visions into reality, use the New BluffTitler 11.0!

It works to create professional 3D titles for presentation, projects and other creative works- for school, office or business.

Neither there is need to spend a fortune nor hire 3D animators. It does not also require you to use any expensive video titling software. Here’s BluffTitler DX9—the best tool out there for those spectacular and magical videos and photos that look exactly the way you envision them.

What’s New with BluffTitler DX9?

  1. Bitmap tracer – for turning a 2D logo into a 3D model
  2. Stroked text –for adding outside borders
  3. Stereo rendering –for rendering two viewports are rendered for each eye; the Pixel shaders are available in Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and red green anaglyph glasses
  4. New styles for pixel –in new styles such as  floating triangles, floating hexagons and bubbles
  5. Enhanced bitmap fonts –this version is compatible with bitmap fonts using Alphabix 2.0
  6. Drawing contours –Version 11 now has a sketch layer that is compatible with bitmaps
  7. And more…

Take Photo & Video 3D Titling to the Next Level

To create professional looking and effective titles for your presentations, do not use any other but BluffTitler Version 11. Your complete tool does not need any technical skills at all. All you need is your imagination and BluffTitler for great results.

Get BluffTitler 11.0 today!

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Cyberlink Software Specials Extended until the 30th of September 2012!

PhotoDirector 3.0 is the ideal way to turn your photos, including RAW, into works of art. PhotoDirector 3 delivers complete tools to help you manage large libraries, perfect your photos and share them in many ways.

Packed full of new features, PhotoDirector v3 includes editing tools such as adjustment selection, people beautifier, object removal and retouching tools for creating brilliant photos with ease.

Get your copy now for a special price of $104.97! (Regular price is $149.00)

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PowerDirector 10 is the world’s fastest video editing software! With a 2nd generation TrueVelocity rendering engine that’s faster than ever, along with the richest end-to-end 3D editing suite available, PowerDirector 10 is redefining digital video editing.

Making impressive 3D movies is no longer just Hollywood’s privilege. Now you can make your own 3D movies at home.

  • Import All the Latest 3D Formats — Either from files or straight from 3D cameras/phones.
  • Edit it All in 3D! – Enjoy a complete 3D editing workflow including 3D titles, disc menus, transition effects and more.
  • Output to 3D Formats — Burn your project to industry standard 3D Blu-ray, 3D AVCHD or 3D DVD discs.

Get PowerDirector 10 Ultra at 20% off.

Go to the order page, select Ultra then use the coupon code pdu712 at Checkout.  This offer is valid only for Ultra edition.

CyberLink Media Suite Ultra
includes the latest versions of 11 best-in-class software, including PowerDVD, PowerDirector, Power2Go, MediaShow and more!

PowerStarter is the unique navigation interface of Media Suite 10. Users can easily use PowerStarter to launch the programs within Media Suite 10 by the tasks they want to handle, or adding favorite tasks to “my favorite” shortcuts, including:

  • Movie: play your Blu-ray or DVD discs, folder or find movie info
  • Video: play, edit, organize, or upload your videos and create movie discs
  • Photo: play, organize, edit or upload photos and create photo slideshows
  • Music: play music and convert, edit audio
  • Data & Backup: burn, copy data disc and backup files
  • Utilities: Erase discs, mount ISO file and print disc label

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PowerDVD 12 Ultra
plays all types of media content – movies, videos, photos and music, and brings the best in video and audio technologies to upgrade all your viewing experience to HD and 3D, including streamed content via home network, or, Youtube, Facebook and Flickr pages. PowerDVD 12 Ultra is the ultimate entertainment software you need anywhere at home and on-the-road.

  • Enhanced Experience – PowerDVD is designed to deliver state-of-the-art media entertainment and the best player experience available, resulting in maximum enjoyment of your HD & 3D media.
  • Play All Media – PowerDVD 12 Ultra is the only entertainment software you need to play movies, videos, photos and music from your media library, drives, connected devices and social network.
  • Play on Any Device – Enjoy your movies, videos, photos and music anywhere at home via home network with PowerDVD’s sharing, streaming capabilities and on-the-go with PowerDVD Mobile.
  • Social Media In One Place – Access your favorite social network media with PowerDVD, in one convenient interface. With TrueTheater, you can enjoy content in HD & 3D.

Get PowerDVD 12 Ultra at 15% off.  Use the coupon code pdvdu712 at checkout. This offer is valid ONLY for PowerDVD ULTRA, NOT valid on Standard/Deluxe and Pro editions.



PowerDVD 12 is Now Available

PowerDVD 12 has just been released!  PowerDVD is designed to deliver state-of-the-art media entertainment and it is the only entertainment software you need to play movies, videos, photos and music from your media library, drives, connected devices and social network.

What’s new in PowerDVD 12?

Convert Blu-ray Movies to 3D
PowerDVD 12 introduces a unique feature to turn 2D Blu-ray movies into 3D in real time.

Enjoy 2D Videos & Photo Slideshows in 3D!
Throw yourself right into the action by converting 2D photos and videos into a super cool 3D experience with TrueTheater® 3D.

Watch DVDs in Amazing HD
TrueTheater® HD gives standard definition DVD and video images the look and feel of true high-definition.

YouTube Enhanced!
Now you can apply any of TrueTheater®’s amazing enhancement technologies to YouTube videos.

Surround Yourself with Sound
TrueTheater® Surround expands audio output to mimic surround sound on home theater systems.

Optimized For Your Big Screen TV
TrueTheater® Stretch employs a non-linear stretching technique that automatically adjusts the viewing ratio of the displayed video to match the output display.

Silky Smooth Action Sequences
TrueTheater® Motion up-converts the frame-rate of video to 60/72 frames per second (fps) for smoother-looking video playback.

Correct Shaky Camcorder Videos
PowerDVD is the ideal player for watching videos you have taken with your camcorder.

Enhanced User Experience

Instant Scale – Browse media thumbnails in many sizes
When viewing your media library in Grid view, you can adjust the size of thumbnail to the most comfortable size.
Instant View – Quickly search & browse your media
Instant Zoom – Watch for details
Instant Seek – Instantly find your favorite scene
Smart Media Library – Easiest way to browse media
Movie Marks – Bookmark your favorite scenes

Get your copy now and enjoy the amazing new features of PowerDVD 12.


PowerDVD 11.0 Released

NEW: PowerDVD 11.0 Out Now!

NEW: PowerDVD 11.0 Out Now!

PowerDVD version 11 has just been released!

Play any media format from any device at home or on social networks, at enhanced HD and 3D quality.

Instant Seek for fast search of movie scenes you want to watch on a DVD disc.  PowerDVD11 Cinema Mode now also features an entirely 3D user interface for your 3D titles so that you can immerse yourself in the 3D experience from start to finish!

PowerDVD 11’s new photo feature is so much more than just a viewer.  It features animated photo slideshows – PowerDVD 11.0 will put both 2D and 3D productions together for you at the click of a button.

Get all these  for the same price as the older version!