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UPDATE: BitDefender Total Security is now more affordable at $39 for five users! World-renowned and respected, BitDefender is the most acknowledged anti-virus and PC protection genius because it comes with accurate and super fast scanning technology. It offers silent security that stays awake while you’re sleep, protecting you from all types of electronic threats.

BitDefender Total Security Features

  • Date malware protection
  • Non-intrusive and ultra fast
  • Protects your online identity all the time
  • Safeguards your kids and restrict their access when needed
  • Safely keeps your data and syncs between your devices
  • Protects your devices when they’re loss or stolen

BitDefender Total Security is yet the most powerful protection tool your PC, mobile devices and internet could ever have! It comes with a real time security report that notifies you of important updates. It also has the patented Autopilot and BitDefender Safepay system. BitDefender Total Security also offers an improved cloud anti-spam.

Grab BitDefender Total Security 5-seater for only $39 today!

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merrychristmasHello Friends,

Ho ho ho! Tis’ the season to rejoice and give to others.

I absolutely love Christmas time!

Its such a wonderful time of the year and I know some people who absolutely dislike Christmas because of all the hassle of going shopping, the busy shopping malls, long queues to get special discounts etc…

Trend Micro Home & Home Office

Stress Free Christmas Shopping  from as little as  $11.00

Well this Christmas Softwarecasa will make your Christmas Stress Free. We have some Amazing Gift Ideas for your family and friends and guess what ? No queues no hassles you can choose your gift comfortably while enjoying your cup of coffee and all the Christmas treats!

Find our amazing gift ideas for you family and friends online today.

Stunning Desktop ScreenSaver

Allume - Aquazone 2: Open Water

Not just an Aquarium Screensaver, Aquazone will bring the vastness of the world’s fish to your PC! Watch as animated fish, whales, majestic manta rays and deadly sharks turn your desktop into a virtual aquarium.


Grand Piano Grooves and Rock Legends – Instantly Add ‘Professional Studio’ feel to your Teleseminars, Audio Books, Website Audio & any other Audio Project With These Holywood Style Music Tracks.

Know any teachers? You won’t go wrong with Lecturnity a presentation capture software at its best!

Christmas Instrumentals – 80 Megabytes of Holiday & Christmas Instrumental Music Tracks. Add that “seasonal glow” to all your multimedia productions with any of these professional and “all original” music background tracks.

Snagit $47.00 Limited special offer ends December 7th


quizxpress4Looking for a family gift  QuizXpress is a unique combination of software and hardware which enables you to create and play a self composed and designed multimedia quiz with family and friends.

snagit4Snagit Best Gift for  anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis

Snagit  is an amazing screen capture software that most users don’t know how they survived without it. Your gift is sure to be used daily !!

If you would like special boxed versions delivered to the doorstep please order before December 14th to ensure delivery is done on time and avoid disappointment.

Know anyone crazy about Videos and DVD recording and movie making? The best gift ever – 10 applications for  in one..for real movie geeks!

All-in-one BD solution

Still not Found anything ? Last Minute Gift Ideas Choose from a wide Range in our different categories below:

Antivirus starting from $11.80 Dr. Web for Windows and more…

Graphics starting from $19.95 Superstamps and more…

Multimedia starting from $13.95 Ringtone Media studio and more…

Web Design starting from $23.95 Xara Menu Maker and more….

Place your order today and receive your software download and license key immediately to send as a gift.

Don’t have any Money to Spend – Checkout out our  Free Christmas Gift


Our new SuperStamps graphics addon has made quite an impact to those who have tried it, so Softwarecasa has decided to GiveAway a bonus pack containing 20 mini stamps completely free. This is a trial that you get to keep and use forever no expiry date!

Find out how Superstamps can be used here

On behalf of all the Staff  at  Softwarecasa we wish you and your family  a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Until Next Year 😉

Peter – Your Software Guide

If you do not have online identity protection you are a Victim

spammersIf you are like most people I know, you regularly bank,  chat, shop, surf or socialize online.  Do you have any protection installed? Most of us do not online identity protection and we don’t realize the risk we put ourselves everyday.  Unfortunately this is how many of us become victims of online scams.

You do not have to be a Victim of Spammers

Spammers are people looking to get rich quick and they will do just about anything to bypass filters to reach your inbox.  Millions of people like you and I have been tricked into giving money and personal information such as bank account numbers.  However you do not have to be a victim and you can stay one step ahead of the spammers by using GhostMyMail.  This software will create a temporary, anonymous email address every time you shop or chat and this could save you millions!

Ghost Your Mail and Protect Yourself Today

ghostmymailSoftwarecasa cares about the protection of their clients and are offering all our clients $5.00 Coupons as a special introductory price for GhostMyMail which  stops spam and protects your online identity. Get the ball rolling and you will  be protect in just seconds. See below for info on how to use this coupon.

Using GhostMyMail will create anonymous email addresses to send and receive messages freely while hiding your identity from the outside world. You will be able to safely bank, invest, shop and chat on the Internet without worrying that your inbox being flooded with unwanted email, wasting your time and increasing your risk of falling victim to scams and viruses. Stop the Spammers today!

getcoupon1. Go to the page for GhostMyMail (opens in a new window so you can have this information handy)

2. Click on “Order Now”

3. Click on “Checkout” enter your personal information and click “Continue”

4. Once on this page click on “have code”

5. Enter your $5.00 Discount Code : boospammers

4. Click on “Checkout” and  your discount will be reflected.

For those who are always ahead of the game and already have online identity protection you may want to protect yourself from hackers and keep your private data private! Checkout Steganos Safe for more info,  Save $5.00 valid for May.

If you would like more information on Online Security you may visit the Online Security Guide.

Antivirus slowing down your computer ?

If you answered yes to this question then this is your month. Softwarecasa are giving away $5.00 Coupons to help you speedup your computer   and save you loads of time. Remember Time is Money!

Vipre Antivirus antispyware is a high performance security software that will not slow your computer down like older, traditional antivirus products that have been around for years.

This is not an April fools joke SoftwareCasa are seriously giving away $5.00 Coupons for our brand new Vipre Antivirus Antispyware. To access your coupon go to the end of this article.

Vipre Antivirus Antispyware $23.95.  Save $5.00 limited 1 week Offer

VIPRE combines antivirus, antispyware, anti-rootkit and other security technologies into a seamless, tightly-integrated security solution. VIPRE delivers comprehensive protection against today’s highly complex spyware, viruses, and blended malware threats.

Upgrading Your Computer and don’t want to lose your documents ?

Don’t delay upgrading your computer because you are scared of losing all your old documents or you haven’t had time to copy all you need to be transferred. Drive Copy is all you need and this week you can purchase it for special price of $25.95.

With a few Clicks Drive Copy will :

1. Copy your entire hard drive or individual partitions

2. Create a quick disk-to-disk backup copy of your hard drive

3. Make the new drive bootable in the event your hard drive fails

If  you are a business you can get additional functionalities with Drive Copy Professional read more….

How to redeem your $5.00 Coupon for Vipre Antivirus & Antispyware

1. Go to the page for Vipre Antivirus Antispyware (opens in a new window so you can have this information handy)

2. Click on “Order Now”

3. Click on “Checkout” enter your personal information and click “Continue”

4. Once on this page click on “have code”

5. Enter your $5.00 Discount Code : vipreaprilgift

4. Click on “Checkout” and  your discount will be reflected.

REMEMBER: This code is valid for use once per client and  offer expires, Friday, 17th April 2009.