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New Generation Audials One 2016 Out Now

audials one 2016Audials One has just gotten better! The best in recording, saving, streaming and supplying media is welcoming 2016 with greater features for your pleasure. You won’t want to miss the latest updates that will blow your mind away.  It’s taking a leap forward with its Generation 2016, which has better innovations for Windows 10.0.  So why would you want to switch over?

What’s New with Audials One 2016?

  • Music wishes: Comes with an improved artist directory, which lets you combine multiple wishlists
  • Music search: Users can now get samplers and chart faster than before, with its new single hit options and other adjustments
  • Video saving: Audials One has a brand new feature that automatically tags recordings of TV series and movies
  • Music saving: You can also record music services at top speed.
  • Radio: Audials One also improves with its new mass recording, new radio news, radio timer and more…
  • Universal-Converter: It now supports 85 file formats as well as recognizes 84 device profiles for smartphones, PC and gaming consoles, etc.
  • Entertainment and movies: Audials One 2016 has a new video library coming with plenty of additional functions for collecting and enjoying movies.
  • Powerful music functions, all for your listening pleasure


Apart from these improvements, Audials Generation 2016 has also invested into its appearance and design; in fact, users can now make use of multiple interface skins, according to their preference.

Additionally, the new generation has an even more powerful recoding component, ensuring it works with most audio and video services.

And with Audials Generation 2016, you can take advantage of charts to add to your wishlist with the auto update feature in the future. From 2016 Audials and onwards, you can experience the benefit of the recorder automatically equipped with the most updated coding for recording protected streams.

Aside from these amazing features, you can also enjoy the software and use it to up to three Windows computers with a purchased license key. All updates will also be free of charge with Audials One 2016 and onwards.

Other prominent improvements

  • Social news and radio tiles, allowing users to listen to radio with more stations with the tiles view and access social news through Twitter and Facebook in Audials
  • Radio blacklisting, letting users to delete any radio station permanently
  • Large loyalty discounts
  • Successful and further optimized recording
  • Double speed software
  • Advanced converting settings
  • Better organization of video library
  • Popular clouds are offered and recognized as sources automatically

Audials Generation 2016 lets you take control of the media universe with more powerful streaming, viewing, organizing and collecting media files at double speed!

Make the switch. If you already own Audials One, upgrade to Audials One 2016 and get the upgrade price here. New to Audials, buy Audials One 2016!

ArrowdownAre you looking for an internet recorder that won’t fail and frustrate you? Come and check out the newest Audials Moviebox 11, the software that allows you to load up your personal movie and video library with your most loved TV series, shows and blockbuster movies.

Appreciate your personal video collection even more by gathering all the new titles using this tool in your library now. This time you never have to miss any episodes of your favorite TV series or show because Audials Moviebox 11 lets you grab any content from the show/series website in a flash and then format any of them for your Smartphone or mobile gadget.

Audials Moviebox 11 New Features

  • Protected video streams recorder tool for capturing the latest movies on the net using videotheques, such as Netflix and Blinkbox
  • Ready to use video downloader that lets you save  any video clips you desire, including those from MSN, Yahoo or YouTube
  • Use only one product license for up to three devices

Get Audials Moviebox 11 for only $14.95 LIMITED TIME OFFER this July.

To continue, next stop we have Snagit Mac 3.0, our favorite Mac snagging tool from TechSmith. See what’s new below.

Snagit Mac 3.0 New Features

  • Video trimming added for cutting out portions of your video
  • NEW Capture Window for a single click access of this versions capturing tools
  • Easier  method of storing original captures using the improved save workflow
  • In-product training manual for better understanding of profiles and trimming options
  • NEW snagging tool that does not require you choosing a video or video as well as letting you change any selected section of the capture before finalizing it
  • All-important refresh of the Snagit Editor

Buy Snagit Mac 3.0 for $49.95 today!

This month’s newsletter won’t be completed without Xara Web Designer 10, so I am sure you want to hear the latest about our favorite graphic web designer. See what the buzzes about this software here are.

Xara Web Designers 10 New Features

  • Template-based solution for 100% web designing freedom
  • No technical skills needed whatsoever
  • Has two versions—the Xara Web Designer 10 Premium and the Xara Web Designer 10.  See them here.
  • New publishing method called “Xara Supersites”
  • Supports the Responsive web design for making varied layouts of a single website for optimization to adapt to devices, such as desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Improved drawing tools, designs gallery templates
  • Navigation bars now allows setting up links as well as  lets you store photos
  • Upgraded text styles for great options
  • Inline graphics now possible using the “paste” command
  • Enhanced website fonts for better “web safe” font selection; embedded font that allows search engines to find your text and that permits your visitors to copy the text just as how they normally do
  • Industry-compatible tool that works well for Chrome, Safari, IE6+, CSS, and XHTML, among others
  • And the list continues… (SEE FULL FEATURE DETAILS)

Get Xara Web Designer for only $48.95 today!

Because of your continued loyalty and support, Audials 11 and RadioTracker 11 are returning the favor.  This month, they’re offered at even better prices, so do not miss the chance to get your hands on them.


Audials One 11.0 thank you for the awards and recognitions it recently won: 1) Voted Best Windows Software (Softwareload) for Free Music for three straight years, 2) Best Software of the Year in Music and 3) Audials Moviebox for Best Windows Software for recording and converting video streams and Best Software of the Year in the Video Category.

Audials on Sale This Month: The software you love for locating, recording, downloading, converting and enjoying everywhere and using millions of tracks is now only $29.95.


RadioTracker 11.0 – the software that lets you enjoy any radio station, podcast and music anywhere and anytime is now made more affordable. There is no stopping you now from accessing more than 750,000 artists, 50,000 radio stations and 10,000,000 MP3s!

RadioTracker 11.0 goes with a price slash this month for only $13.90. Do no miss the chance of getting the world’s loved music tool at the best deals for a limited time.

Don’t have Audials One and RadioTracker yet? Get them today!

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red-star-saleGood day, Folks! I’m here to present you some great news for June. If you love great apps for home, business, or personal use, you’ve come to the right post to choose from some amazing tools you can add to your software collection.

…all aiming to make your life more productive, easier, and more convenient. Check out this list for June software specials….

SuperStamps Ads 3D is your largest collection of innovative and interesting 3D ads that can give you a profitable business with its call-to-action graphics that can engage users and customers even more.

It’s totally-downloadable and ready-to-use. Choose from 732 graphic files! Plus, all of these 3D ads are editable using any graphic editor, so there are no worries at all. Edit and come up on the way you want your 3D ad to appear.

These Take-Action Boosters are fully-packed with useful marketing messages to use for your campaigns, websites, blogs, and other contents.

Let your marketing effort pay off by using any of these SuperStamps 3D ads collection and get your content right in front of your audience’s face…

Get results you’ve been looking for using SuperStamps Ads 3D today.

Grab SuperStamps Ads 3D for only $47.

Audials One is the perfect app for movies, music, radio stations, and videos. With it, you can locate record, download, convert, and enjoy your content anywhere you are. If you desire the best entertainment, there’s no other application to get for yourself but Audials One.

Get Audials One at $50.95.

PowerDVD 13, an app that sells more than 100 million copies every year, gives you an amazing discount this month.

  • PowerDVD 13 Ultra is on sale at $89.96 (10% off) from $99.95
  • PowerDVD 13 Pro drops its price to $71.96 (10% off) from $79.95

…today, you can enjoy your 3d and HD media and Blu-ray player even more! At home or in the office, you can easily play high-quality HD movie files.

This app comes with great improvements on videos, photos, and music. Play your media using your devices, Facebook, and YouTube. Use it for iOS, Android, and Windows Smartphone and Tablets.

Media Suite 10.0 is created for your pleasure. It’s designed and created to provide you that ultimate entertainment you’ve been looking for. It comes with great features for burning, creativity, and sharing. It’s now packed with 3D. It comes with tools you desire.

  • Media Suite 10 Ultra marks down its price to only $84.47 (35% off) from $129.95
  • Media Suite 10 Pro comes down to only $64.97 (35% off) from $99.95

…enjoy your media even better! This app comes with all the tools you need to enjoy DVD and Blu-ray movies. Create your very own Hollywood productions and share all of them to your social networking sites. You can even organize and burn various discs to back up your production.

PowerDirector 11.0 is the best way to give you the fastest and easiest way to produce and share any videos with your circles. It has included the TrueVelocity 3, a powerful feature that will help you make better home videos. With PowerDirector 11, you can also create your title and templates!

  • PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Suite comes at a lower price this month at only $182.49 (27%) from $249.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Ultimate has a price drop of only $90.99 (30%) from $129.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Ultra is for sale this month at $74.99 (25%) from its original price of $99.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Deluxe comes at a price drop of only $52.49 (25%) from $69.99

…this app comes with great video innovation with can speed up and automate any video processing time. You can also choose from more than 100 built-in effects and gain an access to over 300,000 free effects (Available at Cyberlink’s DirectorZone.com online community).

PhotoDirector 4.0 Ultra is your perfect solution to create lovelier and professional-looking photos. This app is on sale at a very low price this June.

Use this application for perfect photo effects. You can also remove objects you desire using the powerful algorithm. Now, you can manage your images without breaking a sweat.

Get PhotoDirector 4.0 Ultra for $69.99 (30% off) from its original price of $99.99.

YouCam 5.0, your software that comes with great effects and features when chatting with your friends, is on sale at a low price of $33.71 (25% off) from its original price of $44.95. Today, you can enhance your video conferences, work presentations, and tutorials without the fuss.

YouCam is your perfect solution to combine play and work and everything in between.

Grab YouCam 5.0 at $33.71.

Power2Go 8 is the solution to protect your data, burn anything, and copy DVDs. With this tool, you can copy your media content to your disc. It also comes with amazing system recovery options and more than 5,000 DVD menus to choose from DirectorZone.com. Get the tool at incredibly lower prices this month.

  • Power2Go 8 Platinum goes on sale for only $48.97 (30% off) from $69.95
  • Power2Go 8 Deluxe is for sale at $34.97 (30%) down from $49.95

Want more June Software Specials? Stay tuned for more updates. Also, you may let us know about your favorite software you want to be featured in our next list. Share your thoughts below.

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