PerfectDisk,  the world’s most popular and thorough disk defragmentation solution, combines speed, thoroughness flexibility, control and ease-of-use to help improve PC and server perforance.

Global enterprises benefit from faster computers through regular, automated, unattended defragmentation with PerfectDisk.

New in PerfectDisk 12.5

OptiWrite to Prevent Fragmentation – Prevents most fragmentation on your drive before it occurs, which prevents degradation of your system’s performance.

StealthPatrol – Auto-Optimization Automatically prevents fragmentation and optimizes your system when it isn’t busy.

New Dynamic Zone Engine – Significantly reduces the overhead involved in processing all sizes of drives.

Short Stroke Method for Thin-Provisioned Environments – Improves optimization speed and improves support for Thin Provisioned drives.

Zero-Fill Free Space Saves Storage Space – Only PerfectDisk offers Zero-Fill free space capability that consolidates free space then zero-fills that space.

Interactive Scheduling Calendar – Provides a monthly view of all scheduled tasks with on-the-fly task editing.

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