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red-star-saleGood day, Folks! I’m here to present you some great news for June. If you love great apps for home, business, or personal use, you’ve come to the right post to choose from some amazing tools you can add to your software collection.

…all aiming to make your life more productive, easier, and more convenient. Check out this list for June software specials….

SuperStamps Ads 3D is your largest collection of innovative and interesting 3D ads that can give you a profitable business with its call-to-action graphics that can engage users and customers even more.

It’s totally-downloadable and ready-to-use. Choose from 732 graphic files! Plus, all of these 3D ads are editable using any graphic editor, so there are no worries at all. Edit and come up on the way you want your 3D ad to appear.

These Take-Action Boosters are fully-packed with useful marketing messages to use for your campaigns, websites, blogs, and other contents.

Let your marketing effort pay off by using any of these SuperStamps 3D ads collection and get your content right in front of your audience’s face…

Get results you’ve been looking for using SuperStamps Ads 3D today.

Grab SuperStamps Ads 3D for only $47.

Audials One is the perfect app for movies, music, radio stations, and videos. With it, you can locate record, download, convert, and enjoy your content anywhere you are. If you desire the best entertainment, there’s no other application to get for yourself but Audials One.

Get Audials One at $50.95.

PowerDVD 13, an app that sells more than 100 million copies every year, gives you an amazing discount this month.

  • PowerDVD 13 Ultra is on sale at $89.96 (10% off) from $99.95
  • PowerDVD 13 Pro drops its price to $71.96 (10% off) from $79.95

…today, you can enjoy your 3d and HD media and Blu-ray player even more! At home or in the office, you can easily play high-quality HD movie files.

This app comes with great improvements on videos, photos, and music. Play your media using your devices, Facebook, and YouTube. Use it for iOS, Android, and Windows Smartphone and Tablets.

Media Suite 10.0 is created for your pleasure. It’s designed and created to provide you that ultimate entertainment you’ve been looking for. It comes with great features for burning, creativity, and sharing. It’s now packed with 3D. It comes with tools you desire.

  • Media Suite 10 Ultra marks down its price to only $84.47 (35% off) from $129.95
  • Media Suite 10 Pro comes down to only $64.97 (35% off) from $99.95

…enjoy your media even better! This app comes with all the tools you need to enjoy DVD and Blu-ray movies. Create your very own Hollywood productions and share all of them to your social networking sites. You can even organize and burn various discs to back up your production.

PowerDirector 11.0 is the best way to give you the fastest and easiest way to produce and share any videos with your circles. It has included the TrueVelocity 3, a powerful feature that will help you make better home videos. With PowerDirector 11, you can also create your title and templates!

  • PowerDirector 11 Ultimate Suite comes at a lower price this month at only $182.49 (27%) from $249.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Ultimate has a price drop of only $90.99 (30%) from $129.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Ultra is for sale this month at $74.99 (25%) from its original price of $99.99
  • PowerDirector 11 Deluxe comes at a price drop of only $52.49 (25%) from $69.99

…this app comes with great video innovation with can speed up and automate any video processing time. You can also choose from more than 100 built-in effects and gain an access to over 300,000 free effects (Available at Cyberlink’s DirectorZone.com online community).

PhotoDirector 4.0 Ultra is your perfect solution to create lovelier and professional-looking photos. This app is on sale at a very low price this June.

Use this application for perfect photo effects. You can also remove objects you desire using the powerful algorithm. Now, you can manage your images without breaking a sweat.

Get PhotoDirector 4.0 Ultra for $69.99 (30% off) from its original price of $99.99.

YouCam 5.0, your software that comes with great effects and features when chatting with your friends, is on sale at a low price of $33.71 (25% off) from its original price of $44.95. Today, you can enhance your video conferences, work presentations, and tutorials without the fuss.

YouCam is your perfect solution to combine play and work and everything in between.

Grab YouCam 5.0 at $33.71.

Power2Go 8 is the solution to protect your data, burn anything, and copy DVDs. With this tool, you can copy your media content to your disc. It also comes with amazing system recovery options and more than 5,000 DVD menus to choose from DirectorZone.com. Get the tool at incredibly lower prices this month.

  • Power2Go 8 Platinum goes on sale for only $48.97 (30% off) from $69.95
  • Power2Go 8 Deluxe is for sale at $34.97 (30%) down from $49.95

Want more June Software Specials? Stay tuned for more updates. Also, you may let us know about your favorite software you want to be featured in our next list. Share your thoughts below.

Until Next Time,

Peter, Your SoftwareCasa News Guide 🙂

April 2013 Software Deals

red-star-saleThe summer will absolutely become hotter as we welcome our new promos for April. Brace yourself for these amazing deals this season. So, if you’re ready, take the plunge and learn of these new offers.

PowerDVD 12. You can enjoy your sounds and images better using this software. It offers you with ultimate media entertainment. Use it for music, movies, and Blu Ray. Check it out with big savings.

  • Ultra–$64.97 (35% off)
  • Pro–$63.96 (20% off)
  • Standard–$39.96 (20% off)

Media Suite 10. Feel the pleasure watching your favorite DVD and Blu Ray movies. Use this app for your photo, video, and other media productions. You can share your products anytime. Using this app, your creativity can come out without limits. Check it out this month for great savings.

  • Ultra–$97.46 (25% off)
  • Pro–$74.96 (25% off)

PowerDirector 11.0. Use it to create and share your videos with anyone in the world. It comes with TrueVelocity 3, which enables better and faster video production. Using it, you can also create a template and a title for your videos. You can also use the various design tools included with this app. Buy it now for huge savings!

  • Ultimate Suite–$224.99 (10% off)
  • Ultimate–$103.99 (20% off)
  • Ultra–$79.99 (20% off)
  • Deluxe–$55.99 (20% off)

PhotoDirector 4.0. Feel like a professional photographer using this app that allows you to create amazing shots. Come up with perfect shot precision and sharpness all the time. Check out the PhotoDirector 4.0 at great discounts only this month.  Get it for only $69.99 (30% off)!

YouCam 5.0. It is one of the most known webcam applications in the world. You can use various effects while chatting with anyone. Other uses include video conferencing, tutorials, and presentations. Play and work at the same time using this application. Buy it for only $33.71 at 25% discount.

Power2Go 8 Platinum. With it, you can copy media or any content to a disc. It comes with more than 5,000 menus found at the DirectorZone.com. You can use it to mount images as virtual options. Get it for only $59.46 at 15% discount this month.

There you have the on sale software this month. Check out yours today at these great prices. See you again next time here at SoftwareCasa News for deal updates. If you think that your favorite app should be included here, feel free to post your comment below. We’re sure to inform the publisher about it.

Until Next Time,

Peter–Your SoftwareCasa News Guide

March New Products and Specials

Welcome to the March newsletter, Friends! Check out some cool promos this month (and new products, too).

New Products

BluffTitler 10.0

BluffTitler 10.0. This product makes adding 3D effects to your videos easier. Comes with 60 new Windows 8 (Metro) style buttons and is now resizable. (Price $38.95)

BixPack 10.0

BixPack 10.0. This product is your one-stop source for royalty-free templates that you can use in your signages, videos, and TV productions. Comes with textures, show titles, models, effects, and EPS files.  (Price $24.95)

MaxiDisk 2013

MaxiDisk 2013. It’s your solution for system improvement and disk maintenance.

SuperStamps Ads 3D 1.0

SuperStamps Ads 3D. It’s your best source of 3D ads, which are all easy and fast to use. Make your marketing productions excellent.  (Price: $47.00)

PaintSupreme 1.5. Allow fast photo editing and image creation. Add effects on your photos, making them astounding. Edit photos the way you want to—remove unwanted elements, transform colored into black and white ones, and change colors—name it.  (Price: $9.99)

TotalMedia Theatre 6.0

TotalMedia Theatre 6.0

TotalMedia Theatre 6.0. This is a media player made perfectly for PCs. Enjoy an audio-video feast like never before. (Price: $97.00)


PowerDVD 12

PowerDVD 12. This app allows you for a superb audio video experience—movie, music, and Blu Ray—in one. Price: Ultra–$64.97 (35% off); Pro: $63.96 (20% off); Standard: $34.97 (20% off)


Media Suite 10

Media Suite 10. This app is created to provide total entertainment for you. Price: Ultra: $97.46 (25% off); Pro: $74.96 (25% off)


PowerDirector 11. It’s the one you need to create and share videos and comes with the TrueVelocity 3 innovation, allowing you to make better videos in a flash. Price: Ultimate Suite $224.99 (10% off); Ultimate $116.99 (10% off); Ultra $79.99 (20% off); Deluxe $55.99 (20% off)


There you have the cool new promos and products this month of March. Coming soon are updates on more offers. Check us out here frequently to be in the loop.   If you wish some of your favorite products featured in our newsletters, feel free to write them below. Thanks!

Until Next Time,


Cyberlink Software Specials Extended until the 30th of September 2012!

PhotoDirector 3.0 is the ideal way to turn your photos, including RAW, into works of art. PhotoDirector 3 delivers complete tools to help you manage large libraries, perfect your photos and share them in many ways.

Packed full of new features, PhotoDirector v3 includes editing tools such as adjustment selection, people beautifier, object removal and retouching tools for creating brilliant photos with ease.

Get your copy now for a special price of $104.97! (Regular price is $149.00)

Order PhotoDirector 3



PowerDirector 10 is the world’s fastest video editing software! With a 2nd generation TrueVelocity rendering engine that’s faster than ever, along with the richest end-to-end 3D editing suite available, PowerDirector 10 is redefining digital video editing.

Making impressive 3D movies is no longer just Hollywood’s privilege. Now you can make your own 3D movies at home.

  • Import All the Latest 3D Formats — Either from files or straight from 3D cameras/phones.
  • Edit it All in 3D! – Enjoy a complete 3D editing workflow including 3D titles, disc menus, transition effects and more.
  • Output to 3D Formats — Burn your project to industry standard 3D Blu-ray, 3D AVCHD or 3D DVD discs.

Get PowerDirector 10 Ultra at 20% off.

Go to the order page, select Ultra then use the coupon code pdu712 at Checkout.  This offer is valid only for Ultra edition.

CyberLink Media Suite Ultra
includes the latest versions of 11 best-in-class software, including PowerDVD, PowerDirector, Power2Go, MediaShow and more!

PowerStarter is the unique navigation interface of Media Suite 10. Users can easily use PowerStarter to launch the programs within Media Suite 10 by the tasks they want to handle, or adding favorite tasks to “my favorite” shortcuts, including:

  • Movie: play your Blu-ray or DVD discs, folder or find movie info
  • Video: play, edit, organize, or upload your videos and create movie discs
  • Photo: play, organize, edit or upload photos and create photo slideshows
  • Music: play music and convert, edit audio
  • Data & Backup: burn, copy data disc and backup files
  • Utilities: Erase discs, mount ISO file and print disc label

Get your copy now at 10% off. Please select Ultra and use the coupon code msu712 at checkout.


PowerDVD 12 Ultra
plays all types of media content – movies, videos, photos and music, and brings the best in video and audio technologies to upgrade all your viewing experience to HD and 3D, including streamed content via home network, or, Youtube, Facebook and Flickr pages. PowerDVD 12 Ultra is the ultimate entertainment software you need anywhere at home and on-the-road.

  • Enhanced Experience – PowerDVD is designed to deliver state-of-the-art media entertainment and the best player experience available, resulting in maximum enjoyment of your HD & 3D media.
  • Play All Media – PowerDVD 12 Ultra is the only entertainment software you need to play movies, videos, photos and music from your media library, drives, connected devices and social network.
  • Play on Any Device – Enjoy your movies, videos, photos and music anywhere at home via home network with PowerDVD’s sharing, streaming capabilities and on-the-go with PowerDVD Mobile.
  • Social Media In One Place – Access your favorite social network media with PowerDVD, in one convenient interface. With TrueTheater, you can enjoy content in HD & 3D.

Get PowerDVD 12 Ultra at 15% off.  Use the coupon code pdvdu712 at checkout. This offer is valid ONLY for PowerDVD ULTRA, NOT valid on Standard/Deluxe and Pro editions.