The iSpring Pro 7.0 is now out on the market, and it’s serious about giving better user experience by letting users make online presentations easier and faster THAN EVER! It works for Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP and lets them to create mobile-enable presentations using the familiar environment of PowerPoint.


What iSpring Pro 7.0 Offers?

  • An extra tab to the ribbon of PowerPoint for ensuring easy and fast authoring
  • Triggers and animations for supporting interactive content and animation effects for presentations; effects and fonts for ensuring formatting of text is intact even after conversion into internet-ready formats
  • Either right to left languages or multilingual text are supported
  • Can support multiple transition effects, including Flash, 3D and HTML5
  • Can allow embedding multimedia (audio and video) into the PPT file
  • PPT styles and SmartArt Objects supported and retained in the HTML5 or Flash copy of the project
  • Instant access to PowerPoint presentations on ALL DEVICES
  • Comes with the iSpring’s Universal Player for letting users navigate and view presentations on different screens and devices, using an HTML5 or Flash format
  • Customizable player for matching desired appeal and feel (with various templates, layouts and colors available)

What Industries Use iSpring Pro 7.0?

With its top performance and high reliability and with its latest technologies, while keeping user ease in mind, iSpring Pro 7.0 is used by professionals, businesses and academicians all around the world!  For marketers, the easy-to-use and powerful features are best for making promotional materials and product demonstrations on the internet, and for salespeople, they make use of it for stimulating their sales through vivid, high-quality presentations and for educating potential business partners and customers online.

What are you waiting for? Make sure your projects stand out, highlighting your best ever corporate brand and image to users and customers, by using the most professional tool out there for courses, demonstrations, training materials and so on—the iSpring Pro 7.0.

Get the iSpring Pro 7.0 today!