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I hope you enjoyed our August special offers and  once again we have in store only the best for our esteemed clients.

This month we want to make sure you PC is running at its peak performance making your PC user experience  like never before.


Most computers take ages to start up and turning on your computer can become a very boring task. I have some top Tips and Tricks that can change your computer user  experience for life.

Computer Tips and Tricks You Should Know

1. Make sure you have minimum applications starting up automatically

  • When you install new software most are auto set to start automatically. Check which applications start automatically go to the settings and uncheck the box that allows them to auto start with when you startup your computer.

2. Clean your Registry Regularly

  • This is not something that you can do manually as it would become a dangerous affair, you are more likely than not going to delete a file that is required to run your system. We recommend that you use a professional registry cleaner. Also see our September Secret!

3. Defragment your Computer Registry

  • A computer does not always return files that you have been used to open programs/applications to the right location. If you do not defrag your computer registry with time it will slow down because every time you want to run a program the system has to look everywhere for the file it needs. However by defragging your computer all files are returned to the correct place and when you need something its is done at top speed. A professional defrag tool is recommended.

Our September Secret

Brand new Perfectspeed a one in all tool which solves and takes care of  all the Tips and Tricks above in ONE tool no need to spend money purchasing multiple computer management tools.  Believe it or not another plus is that it uses Microsoft Certified disk defragmentation technology, PerfectDisk.  So you know what you are getting is unmatched Quality and the price Unbeatable. But only for our Softwarecasa Clients using the special coupon (details available at the end of this article).

perfectspeedWe have recently introduced to our Store the brand new  PerfectSpeed PC optimizer and it’s already been hailed as the best all in one automatic PC optimizer.

PerfectSpeed performs everything automatically all you need to do is set the schedule and your rolling! Don’t just take my word you can try it out. Softwarecasa is offering a limited $5.00 Coupon only for the month of September.  See details at the end of this article how to Redeem your Perfectspeed $5.00 Coupon.

You no longer need to have multiple tools to manage your computer PerfectSpeed PC optimizer does it all in one, it will defrag, clean your registry and  protect your privacy.

Is  the private data you delete from your computer permanently deleted ? The answer is NO. Read on….

Do you think the private documents you delete from your computer are really gone? Well wonder no more the answer is NO. These documents can easily be restored by a computer expert. If you would like to keep you private data private by permanently deleting confidential documents what you need is Lavasoft’s File Shredder. This software will completely and permanently shred your private data just like a paper shredder gone for good.

How To Redeem Your PerfectSpeed Coupon

Go to the order page for PerfectSpeed (opens in a new window so you can have this information handy)

Your Perfectspeed CouponCode is perfectspeednow

Read here for Instructions How to Redeem Your Coupon

Enjoy your Perfect Speed Computer Until Next Time 😉

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