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Do you want that guaranteed peace of mind while browsing online or using a computer? Should you need a tool that ensures total protection without taking a big chunk of your budget?

If you’re looking to get that ultimate software to do all of these, then you may want to check out the BitDefender antivirus and security packages.

The BitDefender antivirus software comes on sale!

The unprecedented security software, which is packed with complete features and superb performance, has made its products affordable to those looking for a top-rated antivirus tool that can protect them from malware and other security threats when using their PC and the Internet.

Special Prices

  • BitDefender Antivirus Plus 3-Users: $27.00
  • BitDefender Internet Security 3-Users: $27.00
  • BitDefender Total Security 3-Users: $27.00

Without taxing on your PC performance, you can now achieve that peace of mind using the top-of-the-line security software at affordable prices.  Should you need help in downloading BitDefender, feel free to get in touch with us.

Download BitDefender Today!

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acornlargeHello friends! The last quarter of the year 2013 calls for a few good reasons to celebrate as we present you this month’s software discounts and more! Here they are:



PerfectDisk is the fastest and the most complete solution for defragging your PC, server and laptop performance. Boost your device’s capacity using the PerfectDisk. It’s said to combine flexibility, thoroughness, ease of use and speed. It will help boost the performance of your Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Home Server systems. Go grab this disk defragmentation solution for only $28.95!

PowerDVD 13

The software that sells more than a hundred million copies each year for its performance in helping users enjoy HD, 3D and Blu Ray Player is now on sale at an incredibly low price of $89.96 for the PowerDVD 13 Ultra ($99.95/10% discount) and $54.95 for the PowerDVD 13 Deluxe ($49.46/10% discount).

Media Suite 11

The software that is designed and made to help you maximize entertainment is now coming back at a special price this month.

Media Suite 11 is the software to use for burning, sharing and a lot more. It comes with great 3D features, too.  Go and get it this month at a special low price of $139.45 for the Media Suite 11 Ultimate ($149.95/7% discount) and $109.16 for the Media Suite 11 Ultra ($129.95/16% discount).

YouCam 5 Deluxe

This is the best software on the market for its great features and effects for chatting with your friends. YouCam 5 can help enhance your video conferences, tutorials and work presentations, and a lot more. It is now up for grabs at a special price of $33.71 ($44.95/25% discount).

There you have some great grabs this month. Go and grab them for an early Christmas gifts.  Buy them for yourself or for a friend.  Check them out and enjoy your our digital world even better. Get them while on sale.

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April 2013 Software Deals

red-star-saleThe summer will absolutely become hotter as we welcome our new promos for April. Brace yourself for these amazing deals this season. So, if you’re ready, take the plunge and learn of these new offers.

PowerDVD 12. You can enjoy your sounds and images better using this software. It offers you with ultimate media entertainment. Use it for music, movies, and Blu Ray. Check it out with big savings.

  • Ultra–$64.97 (35% off)
  • Pro–$63.96 (20% off)
  • Standard–$39.96 (20% off)

Media Suite 10. Feel the pleasure watching your favorite DVD and Blu Ray movies. Use this app for your photo, video, and other media productions. You can share your products anytime. Using this app, your creativity can come out without limits. Check it out this month for great savings.

  • Ultra–$97.46 (25% off)
  • Pro–$74.96 (25% off)

PowerDirector 11.0. Use it to create and share your videos with anyone in the world. It comes with TrueVelocity 3, which enables better and faster video production. Using it, you can also create a template and a title for your videos. You can also use the various design tools included with this app. Buy it now for huge savings!

  • Ultimate Suite–$224.99 (10% off)
  • Ultimate–$103.99 (20% off)
  • Ultra–$79.99 (20% off)
  • Deluxe–$55.99 (20% off)

PhotoDirector 4.0. Feel like a professional photographer using this app that allows you to create amazing shots. Come up with perfect shot precision and sharpness all the time. Check out the PhotoDirector 4.0 at great discounts only this month.  Get it for only $69.99 (30% off)!

YouCam 5.0. It is one of the most known webcam applications in the world. You can use various effects while chatting with anyone. Other uses include video conferencing, tutorials, and presentations. Play and work at the same time using this application. Buy it for only $33.71 at 25% discount.

Power2Go 8 Platinum. With it, you can copy media or any content to a disc. It comes with more than 5,000 menus found at the DirectorZone.com. You can use it to mount images as virtual options. Get it for only $59.46 at 15% discount this month.

There you have the on sale software this month. Check out yours today at these great prices. See you again next time here at SoftwareCasa News for deal updates. If you think that your favorite app should be included here, feel free to post your comment below. We’re sure to inform the publisher about it.

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