Supercharge e-learning courses, product demonstrations and project materials using the best ever presentation authoring tool—the iSpring Suite 7.0 that works compatibly with the Windows 7, Windows 8, XP and Vista and helps in developing or authoring e-learning content without you having to memorize any programming language or coding, as ALL HAVE BEEN DONE FOR YOU.

What are in the iSpring Suite 7.0 for you?

  • Perfectly integrated with the PowerPoint, it comes with a tab for accessing the PowerPoint environment and for giving you an access to advanced features you have been familiar with.
  • If you are a professor or anyone in the academe, you can make powerful, more effective presentations, including assessments, quizzes, video lectures and all types of compelling courses and materials for your students with the iSpring Suite 7.0.
  • This also lets you make interactive surveys and quizzes without any hassles in order to supplement your course or to make a standalone assessment tool.
  • It comes with 23 types of questions, including drag-and-drops, along with customizable slide look and advanced branching scenarios and has an extensive character library letting you tell your story better with a wide range of photos for personalizing your lessons and picking the right look for your content.
  • The iSpring Suite 7.0 supports mobile devices, with its ability of converting PPT projects into mobile versions, including an HTML5 format. When you create your PPT, it can become available in a wide range of devices, including Windows and Mac, desktops and laptops, android and Smartphones.
  • A responsive universal player, the iSpring Suite 7.0 lets learners view your project on any device with its adaptability, multi-device preview and responsive design; that’s not all because they can also see your content even without an internet connection with the iSpring Viewer (a free mobile application) that allows learners to see their assignments and courses anytime, anywhere!
  • One-click publication—on the net, on LMS (SCORM, Tin Can API…) and on Learn LMS of iSpring

Get the iSpring Suite 7.0 today!