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New Generation Audials One 2016 Out Now

audials one 2016Audials One has just gotten better! The best in recording, saving, streaming and supplying media is welcoming 2016 with greater features for your pleasure. You won’t want to miss the latest updates that will blow your mind away.  It’s taking a leap forward with its Generation 2016, which has better innovations for Windows 10.0.  So why would you want to switch over?

What’s New with Audials One 2016?

  • Music wishes: Comes with an improved artist directory, which lets you combine multiple wishlists
  • Music search: Users can now get samplers and chart faster than before, with its new single hit options and other adjustments
  • Video saving: Audials One has a brand new feature that automatically tags recordings of TV series and movies
  • Music saving: You can also record music services at top speed.
  • Radio: Audials One also improves with its new mass recording, new radio news, radio timer and more…
  • Universal-Converter: It now supports 85 file formats as well as recognizes 84 device profiles for smartphones, PC and gaming consoles, etc.
  • Entertainment and movies: Audials One 2016 has a new video library coming with plenty of additional functions for collecting and enjoying movies.
  • Powerful music functions, all for your listening pleasure


Apart from these improvements, Audials Generation 2016 has also invested into its appearance and design; in fact, users can now make use of multiple interface skins, according to their preference.

Additionally, the new generation has an even more powerful recoding component, ensuring it works with most audio and video services.

And with Audials Generation 2016, you can take advantage of charts to add to your wishlist with the auto update feature in the future. From 2016 Audials and onwards, you can experience the benefit of the recorder automatically equipped with the most updated coding for recording protected streams.

Aside from these amazing features, you can also enjoy the software and use it to up to three Windows computers with a purchased license key. All updates will also be free of charge with Audials One 2016 and onwards.

Other prominent improvements

  • Social news and radio tiles, allowing users to listen to radio with more stations with the tiles view and access social news through Twitter and Facebook in Audials
  • Radio blacklisting, letting users to delete any radio station permanently
  • Large loyalty discounts
  • Successful and further optimized recording
  • Double speed software
  • Advanced converting settings
  • Better organization of video library
  • Popular clouds are offered and recognized as sources automatically

Audials Generation 2016 lets you take control of the media universe with more powerful streaming, viewing, organizing and collecting media files at double speed!

Make the switch. If you already own Audials One, upgrade to Audials One 2016 and get the upgrade price here. New to Audials, buy Audials One 2016!

Camtasia Studio 8.5 has made no changes to its system requirements, but now included some useful upgrades for your convenience and productivity.  Users can now log into their product account or into the website.  It also now enables OneDrive for Business integration, along with import and export from it.  This new update also solved bugs encountered by users.

TechSmith currently launched new system updates for Mac, so users can expect improved productivity and ease with it. Check out below for changes.

Snagit for Mac 3.3 Latest Features

  • It has been added the My Places that includes the OneDrive for Business export and import and integration.
  • TechSmith Relay users can now also use it with their Mac Snagit.
  • It now includes shrinking the recording controls with the product’s system tray.
  • The software has now better capture workflow and has its bugs fixed.
  • Users can now log into their product account and on the site itself.

Get Snagit for Mac 3.3 today!

Snagit 12.3 for PC minor release is out now! And with the latest improvements, users can expect an easier and faster professional-looking screen captures than before.

The Latest Updates on Snagit 12.3

  • Users can now sign in either in their product account or on the TechSmith site for it.
  • Business and enterprise users can now integrate their Snagit with OneDrive for business, including imports and experts from OneDrive.
  • Users can already shrink their recording controls onto the product’s system tray.
  • They can now experience an increase in capture workflow
  • TechSmith added users’ ability of using Snagit recorder with their Relay.
  • This minor release fixed bugs, too!

Get Snagit 12.3 for PC today!